Monday, August 08, 2005

Clinic Notes: Autism in the News

I published the study below on my website this morning. I am also publishing here for wider distribution.

Treating Autism with Applied Behavioral Analysis
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A recent California study finds that intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) was more effective in treating preschool children with autism than other methods provided in many community-based education and treatment programs.
ABA uses the concepts of repetition and reinforcement of specific desirable behaviors to increase their frequency. At the same time, harmful or undesirable behaviors are not reinforced. This study reinforces the idea that early intervention for children diagnosed with Autism is a major step in producing successful and independent children in the schools and at home.
The research team includes a pair of California State University, Stanislaus psychology professors, Dr. Jane Howard and Dr. Harold Stanislaw and their colleagues Colleen Sparkman, Director of The Kendall School in Modesto; Dr. Howard Cohen, Clinical Director of Valley Mountain Regional Center in Stockton; and Dr. Gina Green of San Diego


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