Friday, August 18, 2006

Clinic Notes: Autism in Malaysia

Last week I noticed that an order on my website for one of my ABA eBooks was from a woman in Malaysia. I receive orders from all over the world, but I think this was the first one that I have from Malaysia. I recall wondering at the time what services were available for children with autism in Malaysia. I'm still not sure what all the services are like, but a recent report indicates that there was some abuse by parents of the so-called "naughty" children. The National Autism Society of Malaysia (Nasom) has set up 13 Nasom centers nationwide to provide early behavioral management for children with autism. In addition, Nasom plans to train 2000 preschool and primary school teachers on how to teach children with autism. Perhaps things aren't so bad for children with autism in Malaysia.

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Serena Teo said...

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