Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Clinic Notes: Denial in Parents of Children with Autism

I don't know the exact percentage of parents with children diagnosed with autism that are in denial. In my clinic I would estimate it is much less than half. When I first tell parents the time and money they will need to invest in ABA, Speech, OT, and other services many never blink and want to know what else they can do to help their children. But with others, one or both parents tell me their child is not really that bad off and ABA, speech, and OT services are not needed. Sometimes these parents wake up and come back, but most do not. They continue their lives without providing any services for their child except what the school has to offer. In a rural area I often get to watch these children languish in special ed while I wonder what might have been.

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Creatively Ironic said...

I only blinked for a second when the county health official told me that our daughter was autistic (2 years old). I asked him, "What's the probability that you are wrong?" He didn't take it very well. He then proceed to trash ABA and talk up TEACCH. Fortunately, the internet pointed me back towards ABA, which has helped our daughter immensely.

Thanks for the helpful blog.