Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Clinic Notes: Catch a Falling Star

A recent cover story in time magazine talked about our failing public education system and possible ways to fix it. According to a recent article (The Painful Parallel Universe of Special Ed Parenting By Bob Sipchen in the LA Times.
much the same criticism could be made of our failing special education program for children with autism and other neuropsychological disorders. Special Ed teachers have too many students with to many diagnoses and a crippling curriculum. They are often pressured into advancing special ed children even though they have not mastered the material or else they may loose funding. Aides in the special ed classroom often do the work for the child because they are not showing progress A child's rate of learning and learning style may not be considered in such an environment. No child left behind is a noble goal but special ed teachers must have the resources and the time to achieve such a goal.

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