Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Clinic Notes: What Causes Autism?

Everyone has a theory but know one knows what causes autism according to a recent article (No Easy Answers In Autism
Theories abound, but no known cause or cure for baffling disorder By Lisa Schencker, for the Californian
Well that's obvious and as the article points out there is no cure and a lot of "businesses" will prey on the ignorance of parents desperately looking for help. Genetics are one of the culprits but something in the environment is also responsible. The data on vaccines being the culprit is equivocal. I think we can rule out social and psychological causes. So that leaves the environment. Well what could be wrong with today's environment? How about the air, the ground, the food, the water, etc. And it is going to be hard to track down the causes or causes. Like everyone else I have a theory. I use to enjoy hunting quail. "Birds" as they are called in the south. Dogs would point the birds, we'd walk in and flush them, and when they flew we would shoot. Quail are delicious, all white meat. But the quail in the south are gone. There are many theories why--almost as many as there are about the causes of autism. I think it has to do with agriculture--fertilizer, pesticides etc. Larger animals survive but the smaller animals are always affected first by poisons. In parts of the south, like Texas, where there is only pasture or open land and no agriculture the quail are still around. Something is killing the quail and something is causing autism. I wouldn't be surprised to see that it was the same culprit.

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