Saturday, April 14, 2007

Clinic Notes: Chelation

I've been in practice long enough to remember when children severed brain damage from lead poisoning. Most of the lead poisoning was caused by children eating paint that was peeling off the walls. Now paint does not contain lead and most clinicians have never seen a case of lead poisoning in children. Removing the lead (Chelation) was a popular therapy back the. This week police raided a doctor's office in Pennsylvania who was using Chelation therapy to remove mercury in a child suffering from autism. Chelation therapy for autism is not an approved therapy and is highly controversial. This week police searched a doctor's office whohad used chelation for treating autism in a 5 year old boy who had died. (This is the third death reported.) The family's attorney stated that the physician was ... "giving a treatment that's not an approved treatment for autism. He gave the wrong drug in the wrong dose and he gave it the wrong way."
Of course this statement should not imply that's there is a right drug and a right doss and a right way to do chelation.

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mcewen said...

Do you happen to know the details of what medical conditions Chelation could be used for legitimately [if administered properly etc] and what kind of 'success' rate they have?
Best wishes