Friday, May 16, 2008

ABA for Iraqi Child with Autism

I received the email below at my website and with permission reproduced it below. Parents worldwide have problems getting services. This Iraqi mother makes the most of her situation.
Dear Dr.Brown;
Thank you very much, I am really appreciate every single word I read from the ABA e-book, ABA course & Case History eBook. I was completely lost in this country. I am Iraqi dentist and live in United Arab Emirates. I did assessment for my son, age 3 years and 6 months, here by the only specialist in Dubai who had certificate in Autism from Birmingham in UK. She gave him diagnosis of Autism. I showed her a video which helped a lot in the assessment and she told me we will start our treatment with Resperidal. I was surprise by her treatment because she didn't start with any behavior management first to see if the child can be improve or not. I left her clinic and never went back. I visited few autism centers in UAE. They are just starting to give attention to Autism in this country and they gives the priority to the local people (UAE citizenship) and put the others on the waiting list for a years. So I have been dedicated my time searching and reading about Autism since I got the diagnosis trying to help my son. I made food intolerance test for him and the result shows that he should avoid Dairy and wheat product and some other foods also. I already start with him 3 months ago Casein Gluten free diet according to the research I saw from internet. This diet is really effective it improve his eye contact, he stop searching for hair to eat (pica), he start imitate , decrease in hyperactivity, improve in the relation with siblings. He has normal manual dexterity (eating by himself, walking, wearing his cloths with simple assistants). I engaged him in playing group (nursery for typical children ) and he is happy with that but no communication with other children. Before I read your course I start doing my best with him to start verbal communication (he has no words at all), so I start taking pictures for the different foods he eat, bath room, swing,.etc,every time I gave him a food I showed him the picture and tell him the name, after few days I start to show him the pictures especially the fruit that he likes to eat and every time he say the name I say bravo and give him that fruit as reinforcement (ex. if I showed him picture of grapes and he said grapes. I take him directly to the kitchen and give him grapes). It was very effective way and he has now 11 words so far. After I read your course I start with him ABA program. He refused riding bicycle and by using method of successive approximations (shaping);
1- I holding him and let him sit on the bike ( good boy, he will riding bicycle ) then as he stay few second sit ,I give him reinforcement ( I used mixed fruit sweet it is with out milk as he should avoid dairy ) .
2- I fixed his foots on the puddle and I stand in front of him and pulling the bike toward me by (saying come to me Hamza) his foots just pushed the puddles ,(good boy , riding bicycle. and give him reinforcement directly )
3- I stand little bit few steps away and call him (come to me), he push the puddles and once he touch me I give him the reinforcement directly, I never so him happy as he was that day (at that time I wish you Dr. brown be there so I can give you a kiss over your head, God please you).
4- After I that I increase the distant and the direction gradually .actually this improve this eye contact, follow the direction and compliant all at the same time.
Now I am working with caregiver in the nursery to make him stop the behavior excess (dangerous climbing).
I will answer all your quizzes and send it to you.

Sorry for the long email

Kindest Regards
I. H.

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