Saturday, May 23, 2009

Clinic Notes: Autism in Adults

In a recent article in "Time Magazine" the brother of a man with severe autism describes the life of his autistic brother and the ordeal his parent and now him are dealing with. Noah, who cannot speak or care for himself, bangs his head and pinches himself, and grabs people, spent 15 years in a state facility. His "therapy" has mainly been drugs, which unsuccessfully managed his symptoms. The article was taken from Karl Taro Greenfield's book, Boy Alone: A Brother's Memoir.
Greenfield notes that his parents were exhausted after years of caring for Noah at home and had no choice but to place him in an institution for children with developmental disabilities. They visited weekly and the family served as Noah's support group until he was moved to an assisted living facility. Greenfield notes, as I did in a previous blog, that we are not prepared for the explosion of adults with autism that will be here in a few years. All of the money now is being spent on services and research for children who are growing up.

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