Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This week another study has confirmed what those of us who work with children with autism already know--he earlier the intervention the better. In fact in previous blogs I have mentioned that with ABA started early some children are able to loose their autism diagnosis. That is certainly good news. The bad news is that services are expensive and hard to find. Everyone has a waiting list.
If you child is diagnosed with autism early find out about your state's early intervention program. States are responsible for providing and paying for services until your child reaches age 3. Go to and search for services in your state. After age 3 the school system are responsible and this is where the real problems in getting services become apparent. Some school systems are very good about providing and/or paying for services while others are not. Know your rights. Get an advocate to accompany you to your IEP meeting if necessary.
Check your private health insurance policy. Some policies will pay while others will not. As other parents of children with autism what they are doing and also ask your pediatrician for referral information. Unfortunately. Finding services for your child may be a bigger battle than dealing with your child's autism.

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