Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clinic Notes: Biomed and Autism

Many parents tell me that raising a child with autism is just more than they can do. Keeping up with all of the ABA programs they are supposed to run in the home, speech therapy, OT, meds, it's just too much. Well, as a clinician I have to agree. Keeping clinical progress notes is often just too much for me too. There's a new app for the iPad called Biomed, which tracks patient care. A patient profile is created--name, birth date, diadnosis, etc. Next a treatment history is entered and quantified if possible. Once all of the information is entered updates are added. Biomed then summarizes everything and you can review all of the information that you have entered on a topic--say ABA-with a tap. We have started using this app at the Children's Treatment Center and we will report in a future blog how it goes.

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