Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clinic Notes: Technology for Treating Autism

Many parents who bring their children with autism to my clinic ask what they can do at home to help progress their child. Of course, we have then run the ABA programs for compliance that we run in the clinic and other ABA programs for skill building. But many parents want more. After looking at all of the autism products online they ask about their usefulness. We advise many parents to buy lap top computers if their child is high functioning and we point out software that is useful and that we use in our clinic. But they always want more. And the more has arrived in the Apple iPad. As I have mentioned in previous blogs children with autism are fascinated with the iPad. If you type "autism apps" in the search box in the iTunes store you will find a number of useful apps with more coming each day. If readers would like help in choosing apps for their child please let me know.

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