Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clinic Notes: Gary James' App Party for Autism

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, Apple's iPad is a wonderful tool for children with autism. The children in our clinic have what appears an almost Zen like relationship with the iPad. They calmly work on drills on the iPad like Discrete Trial Training (DTT) with greater ease and prompting than they would with flashcards. The only downside is the costs of the iPad and the apps. This past weekend, Gary James who tests and reviews apps for children with autism on his website A4cwsn, helped out by throwing an app party. iPads were give away and leading app developers either discounted or gave away free apps. To help out, Dr. Gary Brown's Autism Apps gave away 3,100 FREE copies of the Autism/DTT Shapes app and discounted our other apps. If you are interested in learning about apps for children with autism visit A4cwsn. And while you are there thank Gary James for throwing a great app party!

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