Friday, August 26, 2011

Clinic Notes: Marriage Patterns and Autism

I see thirty or forty children diagnosed with autism in my clinic each week. The children are a good sample of the spectrum ranging from low functioning non-verbal to high functioning very verbal. The children at the high end of the spectrum are usually diagnosed with Asperger’s, a diagnosis that will not appear in the next DSM because it has been voted out. Hmm. These children with Asperger’s—excuse me—High Functioning Autism are very interesting—remarkable talents in tech areas, but not up to par in conversation and social skills. It is clear that more females are showing up in this category over the last several decades. This can be seen in the number of female college graduates in math, science, and engineering. Well, what would happen if the male High Functioning Autism met a female with High Functioning Autism. Perhaps love and marriage and a meshing of genes that would produce offspring that could account for the growing number of children diagnosed with autism over the last decade according to well known autism researcher Simon Barron-Cohen of the Autism Research Center at the University of Cambridge. An interesting hypothesis that needs data.

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