Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mainstreaming Children with Autism

Some children with #autism are asked to leave autism schools because they passed a language test. And the problem is parents are worried about bullying. Well that can be a problem but at some point children with autism need to be mainstreamed if they are going to function in society as adults. I know it is scary for parents but . .

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Anonymous said...

I apologize for my honesty here, but not just bullying I think is a problem. My granddaughter goes to a school where probably 50 percent of the children are special needs; many of them autistic. My question is: who is teaching the rest of the class while the teacher focuses on 1 or 2 autistic children? Some of them have paraprofessionals, but not all of them. I think that her education has been compromised by how much of a distraction the autistic kids are in the classroom. I know I seem heartless for bringing this up, but it is a valid issue for the rest of us. Of course I want your autistic child to have a great school experience, I also want my granddaughter to learn in an environment free of meltdowns and freak outs everyday.