Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Clinic Notes: Choosing Apps for Children with Autism

Parents, schools, and assorted health care professionals frequently ask me for app recommendations. Currently, there are over 900 “autism “ apps iTunes app store. Some are designed by professionals who work with children with autism other disorders, while others are designed by someone who thought “that would be helpful.” Some autism apps are tested with children with autism while some are not. Often, it is hard to know which is which. At The Children’s Treatment Center we have looked at a lot of apps. We use other developers’ apps as well as our own on a daily basis in our clinic and we know which ones work best and ones that may be fun for a child with autism, but are not professionally designed to maximize learning. To help parent, other caregivers, and health care professionals we have produced an app titled DX/Treatment, which is a list of apps arranges in a Treatment plan. Other advice on the best science has to offer it treating autism is also provided. Check it out at
Dr. Brown, PhD. Psychologist/HSP

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